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Rimshot opened in April 2012. The studio is purpose-built and offers world-class boutique recording with a great collection of vintage and modern equipment.

We’re situated in the Kent countryside, close to the rural village of Bredgar. Travel time from central London is sixty minutes by train and ninety minutes by car. The Eurotunnel and main London airports are 45 minutes to an hour away by car.

We have links with local hotels, B&Bs and self-catering houses and, for larger projects, can arrange accommodation for up to 25 people, ten minutes away in a converted seventeenth-century barn and oast house.

At the studio’s heart is a large, beautiful sounding live room that has space to record twenty-five musicians, meaning we can record everything from a solo pianist to a rock-and-roll band or string section or big band with ease ... If you’re after great drum sounds, you’ve found a home from home!

No studio is complete without a grand piano, and ours is a beautiful and fully restored 1890s 7'2'' Bechstein. Other instruments include a Hammond C3 (previous owner: Booker T), a very special Hammond M102, vintage drums and cymbals plus some choice back-line (Ampeg B15, Fender and Peavy valve amps).

Our control room features the Decca, a totally unique, audiophile all-valve recording console from the Decca Recording Company. Built in the 1960s and restored in 2008, the console sounds wonderful and like nothing else. Complementing the Decca is a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ mixing desk, chosen specifically for its short and transparent signal path.

When appropriate, we favour analogue recording to one of our Studer tape machines. For those that must, we also have the ubiquitous Pro Tools HDX with amazing Burl converters (the closest to analogue we’ve heard).

Everything else is as you’d expect: friendly and professional staff, great acoustics, an accurate sounding and spacious control room, large isolation booth, extensive mic locker, easy load-ins, private car park, no-compromise infrastructure and wiring ... everything you need to do your best work.

No compromises. No excuses. Just great sounds and a friendly, relaxed, professional vibe.

Welcome to Rimshot.

Photo (C) Karl Barron 2012.